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The objects of the society shall be

  • To Provide a forum for all those interested in Heart failure and Heart transplantation and to educate healthcare providers through conferences, seminars and other media about prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart failure.
  • To promote research related to all aspects of Heart failure and to help establish programmes and policies for Cardiac transplantation and to educate the public regarding various strategies for treatment of heart failure.
  • To conduct Seminars, Workshops, Medical Camps and to undertake any other work or project which will directly or indirectly benefit the general public and the poor.
  • To acquire by purchase, lease, grant, gift or otherwise movable and immovable properties deemed useful or necessary for the purpose of the society...Learn more


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a comprehensive A to Z symposium on 'Heart Failure'

Message from the President

Dr.P.P Mohanan

Dear Friends,

With great pleasure and humility, I want to thank you, the members of Society for Heart Failure and Transplantation (SFHFT) for electing me to serve as your fifth president. I would like to specially thank our past president Jose Chacko Periapuram, who deserves acclaim and appreciation from all of us for ably guiding our young society. As I take on this new role, I also thank our current Executive committee members, elected and appointed to serve with me for the 2018-2019 term. The Executive committee and I will work hard to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

Over these short years, our society has grown many folds and has proved to be an unique organization of medical professionals, involved in the care of patients with advanced heart failure. Our conferences have been well attended, and eagerly awaited. Team work is essential for management of advanced heart failure and our society has provided a platform of specialists from various related fields to come together and share ideas and practical tips. Participants of our conferences often comment about the learning experiences especially from fields other than their area of expertise.

As we plan next year’s agenda, it is our intention to focus more attention on improving membership of the society. We have around 32 cardiac transplant centers in our country. While all the surgical colleagues are already members of the society, many of your cardiology/cardiac anesthetist team colleagues are not. Our humble request to each one of you will be to bring your entire transplant team to SFHFT’s fold. We will also make efforts to enroll specialists elsewhere In the country, keen on developing an advanced heart failure program.

ISHLT have already endorsed our previous meeting held at Coimbatore and we will do everything to nurture our relationship with them. We will let you know soon the details of our midterm focus meeting at New Delhi in the month of February. The much discussed research initiative of our society, a Registry of patients wth LV dysfunction who underwent CABG is almost in shape and we will need all your help to fulfill this dream. It is also important to work together with the policy makers so as to ease the hurdles prevailing in the organ transplant sector.

By becoming more innovative, and creating positive working relationships, we can be more influential and respected in our field. We will work in unison to build a stronger, vibrant organization so that everyone is aware of its outstanding work and contribution.

The newly elected committee and I look forward to working with you in strengthening our society. We will always be keen to hear from you and get enriched by your views.

Dr. P.P.Mohanan
President - Society for Heart Failure and Transplantation

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